Hire as a Consultant

For smaller projects, I can work as independant consultant. I’m a Google certified online advertising professional. But, I am more than just that. In past 12 years, I have juggled many roles and learned few skills. I can be hired as independent consultant for following fields of work:

  1. Startup Advisor
    1. Go-to-market strategy. (product-market fit & Product development.)
    2. Assisting in Business Plan preparation. (Revenue model, budget & competition analysis)
  2. Market Research
    1. Pre-Product launch survey
    2. Independent feedback for products & services.
    3. Industry insights, gauging trends & Competition Analysis.
  3. Digital Marketing
    1. Website Auditing. Optimization, UI/UX workflow. customer journey.
    2. Website traffic tracking and analysis. Google Analytics Audit, setup & optimisation.
    3. Paid search and PPC contextual ad campaigns audit, conversion optimisation & improving efficiency of online Ads
    4. Display & Video Ads optimization with RTB & Re-targeting
  4. Server & Cloud services
    1. setup/migration of web server on shared/VPS/dedicated/cloud/container environment.
    2. Amazon’s AWS / Microsoft Azure cloud consulting (including serverless architecture).

Google has recognised me as an expert in their products such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics (now part of Google Marketing Platform).

Further, you can connect via LinkedIn. Or Email me directly. The CV can be shared upon request. Thank you.